Greetings from the Pond Team,

Great weather for an afternoon field trip yesterday. Good group of people. Spotted salamander and wood frog eggs, fairy shrimp, frogs and a few garter snakes. Glad to do a field trip for Essex County Greenbelt, a truly fabulous organization. Thanks to Andrew Mahoney for inviting us and Mary Williamson for help at the field trip. And thanks to Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team volunteers Cindy Dunn, Sandy Barry and Keith Bertone. We’ll be posting some photos of this field trip in a few days.

We had a nice little field trip to Ravenswood Park last night. Lots of wood frogs quacking. Decent peeper chorus. Saw some spotties in the pool and a couple newts. Eggs are starting to appear.

See some lovely photographs from this weeks nighttime field trips here…

Nighttime Vernal Pond Field Trip Photographs 2017

Gonna be warm tonight. I think its going to make for some really good frog action. Meet at Walgreen’s at 9 pm. Check out our field trip guidelines link to the right.

See you there, Rick


One comment

  • Kim,

    The peeper sing in harmony brings back loads of memories and I know the toads hitchhikers saw as many as three stacked holding on and with there jelly eggs, along with frog eggs to tadpole always fun to watch transformation! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    “The frog does not drink up the pond in which he/she lives”. – Sioux

    “Two together:”

    Nature Sound/Chorus of frogs and crickets 120 min TOMOKI Nature Sounds & Landscapes

    TOMOKI Nature Sounds & Landscapes


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