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Gloucester’s boulevard public works construction Part 3: compare high res plans from 1922 and 1923 with today

Here are the original 1922 and 1923 plans from the Gloucester DPW archives for close inspection:

Gloucester MA DPW archives Proposed Sea Wall 19224 MB Gloucester MA DPW archives Western Avenue Highway 1923

The Gloucester Daily Times published a construction status for the Western Avenue Project on June 5, 1923. Necessary delays were explained and some of the work would not be ready for Gloucester’s tercentenary celebration. The column indicates that the bridge house would be moved across the street–which didn’t happen then, but is happening in 2017– and mentions the state’s involvement.

“Work on Sea Wall Completed”- June 5 1923 update

Work on the construction of the new Western avenue seawall as far as the state is concerned, is practically completed and the lighters which for several months past have afforded great interest in many spectators have been withdrawn from the job…

On the western end of the park, the wall which held up the little park known as Marine Park is being capped with a four-foot cement topping, to bring it level to and joined with the new wall just completed from that point easterly toward Morgan’s store

Although hopes had been held out that the entire boulevard could be completed in time for the celebration, doubts are expressed now if this can be brought to a conclusion because of the large amount of work to be done, such as filling in behind the wall just erected, and the laying out of the street. Before the street can be laid out, time must be allowed for the settling of the rock filling, thousands of tons of which are to be dumped behind the wall, and this, it is now believed by those in charge, will not be ready for surfacing until spring (1924) at the least.

The bridge-house and the small shed alongside of it are scheduled to be moved to the other side of the street so that an unobstructed view of the boulevard from The Tavern to…


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Ayurveda Spring Wellbeing Workshop ~

Cape Ann Wellness

When:  Saturday, April 8

Time:  1:00 – 3:00pm

Where:  Trident Yoga, 214 Eastern Ave, Gloucester

Join Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC at Trident Yoga in Gloucester for informative and interative spring workshop through the lens of Ayurveda.

According to Ayurveda, spring is a KAPHA season, a mixture of earth and water elements. We know this because of its characteristics: wet, cold, heavy, dull, sticky, soft and firm. Too much Kapha leads to common springtime symptoms like congestions colds, flu, cough, sinus infections, sleepiness, and winter weight gain.

The mind can become dull and lose some of its winter sharpness. Common emotional problems are sadness, depression and over-attachment to the past.

Learn how to lessen Kapha’s effect on your health so you can feel great this spring!

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian way of living with vitality, good health and abundant happiness. The path to good health is unique for…

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We had a nice little field trip last night to two pools in Ravenswood Park. Nice drizzle to keep everything wet. A few degrees on the cool side, but we did see two spring peepers hopping to the pool.  Also saw several spotted salamanders making the migration. Saw one wood frog in the pool and heard a few others quacking.  50 or so spotties in the pool and 50 million fairy shrimp.

We posted some photographs from last night so click the link to the right to take a look. We have some more good ones that will be posted later today.

There will be a field trip tonight. Might not see any migration, but there should be some action in the pools. Meet at Walgreen’s parking lot on Main Street in Gloucester at 9 pm. Check the field trip guidelines on the website.

Then, on Thursday April 6, the weather should warm up and get wet. I think it will be a good night for migration. Same deal so meet at Walgreen’s at 9 pm.

See you out there,  Rick


Seaside Goldenrod for Bees and Butterflies

Come on over to the Sawyer Free Library Thursday night and learn how you can create a welcoming haven for birds, bees, and butterflies!

Plant Cosmos for the Birds, Bees, and Butterflies

Marsh Milkweed for the Butterflies and Bees

Male and Female Luna Moths

Zinnias for Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, Bees, and Butterflies

Mexican Sunflower and Bee

Monarch and Hibiscus


Local Fish & Chips Friday at Latitude 43


Local Fish & Chips Friday
at Latitude 43 for the month of April
Enjoy local haddock, fries & apple coleslaw for just $10.99 at lunch
Latitude 43 is located at 25 Rogers Street in Gloucester

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Schooner Adventure Volunteer Session

I received the following from Captain Willy Leathers:

“Our Thursday April 6th Intro session will be held at the Maritime Gloucester classroom, located on the lower floor as you walk towards the main pier.  It will run from 1800-2000, with some pizza and refreshments provided. This session is intended to welcome everyone back for the operational season, check in regarding our up coming training and volunteer opportunities; it is intended for existing and new volunteers alike.  If you have a friend who may be interested in joining Adventure as well feel free to bring them along!”

from aftThis is a great opportunity to get involved with one of the true gems of Gloucester. I’ve been volunteering aboard for a while now and it’s one of the most satisfying and exciting things I do. You don’t have to know anything about sailing to get started and the training is always well done. We’ll be starting Saturday work parties next weekend as the winter cover comes off and the ship is up-rigged for the jam-packed sailing season ahead. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the gang that keeps this National Historic Landmark sailing.

Obstructed View

I’m a big fan of geometric features in photography.  There was something about the contrast of the horizontal waves rolling in behind the vertical reeds that caught my eye enough that I had to turn around, pull over, and take some quick photos on the Back Shore the other day.


Backyard Growers hosts April Break Garden Games & Crafts for Kids

Cape Ann Community

Looking for fun kids activities over April break? Bring your child to Backyard Growers for a morning of games, crafts and stories. Your child will celebrate the coming of spring by learning about pollinators, making garden art and planting with their very own herbs! On Monday, April 17th from 10:00-11:30am, we will be doing activities with elementary age children while Tuesday, April 18th from 8:30-10:00am, activities will be geared toward Preschool and Kindergarten age kids. Each program is $20. To find out more and sign your child up, please visit We look forward to playing and growing with your child over April break!

April Break Programming

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Red Sox Tickets FLASH SALE

Cape Ann Community

The Plum Cove PTO is excited to announce there is still time to bid on Red Sox tickets for the Patriots Day Game, Monday, April 17th. 2 tickets, Loge Box 151. Anyone can bid online until 11:59pm on Wednesday, April 5th.

Enjoy the best day of the year in Boston and support the Plum Cove PTO. BID TODAY!!

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