Adderall and Oxys- Can Some Politician Stand Up To The Drug Companies For Christs’ Sake?

Can we figure out other stuff to prescribe?   How bout prescribing a little mental toughness instead of making this shit so readily available?  I respect the hell out of any doctor that asks a patient that doesn’t absolutely need hard core pain meds if they can take a little pain and go with heavy duty Tylenol instead.

This stuff is destroying too many young lives.

World Series pitcher describes his battle with Adderall here



  • I was surprised also that in some states pharmacies are able to prescribe thes drugs. So sad and so frightening.


  • Totally agree. The same is happening to our Vets who have served our country are were wounded. There has to be a shift in the way these drugs are distributed to begin with.


  • The problem is only going to get worse. It’s all about $$. What also disturbs me is the over prescribing of mood pills (SSRI’s and Benzo’s). A little emotional upheaval is totally normal in life and doctors shouldn’t be so quick to suggest medication. Getting off anti depressants and anti anxiety meds is often much worse than the symptoms that made you go on them in the first place. It’s a long, painful road.


  • There is a lot of more natural items less addictive and less affect! It appears the synthetics aspect and $$$ are a factor too! Anonymous above very true based on what I have observed! Well said Joey also! Step up and Step in! Dave


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