Colorectal Cancer on the Rise in Young Adults

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March is Colon-Rectal Cancer Awareness Month –

According to the American Cancer Society, “Thanks in part to improvements in screening, the rates of new colon and rectal cancer diagnoses have been falling in the United States for people ages 50 and older. But for people under 50, for whom routine screening is not recommended, rates seem to be increasing significantly,” especially among Generation Xers.

Prevention, Screening, Early Detection and Treatment of Colon-Rectal Cancer SAVES LIVES!  

Talk to Your Doctor About Screening.

Prevent. Screen. Treat. Early Detection Saves Lives.

Signs of Colorectal Cancer can include changes in bowel movements and blood in the stool. But cancer of the colon and/or rectum (colorectal cancer) can begin without symptoms, which is why early screening is important. Pre-cancerous and benign polyps can be removed before they become cancer. While routine screening often begins at 50, screening for those…

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  • So needed educational and life saving early detection! Over here the national health Insurance if you have I do along with wife, local country checks movements shall we say every year when you hit the 50 I believe have to double check that…They also require a physical every 2 years by odd even dates of birth even years 2-4-6-8-10 1960 -1962 etc. odd years 1961- 1963- etc, 1-3-5-7-9 Eyes, ears, blood work-ups, and not a favorite of mine ( I did it awake, they can put you to sleep however… Dave-O


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