This from Juni VanDyke:
The latest Northshore Magazine (Spring 2017) carries a featured article on the new home furnishing company…Room&Board.  In the article is a reference to artist Juni VanDyke with photographs of the artists’ work (page 128). In 2015, the then new company (Room&Board) selected Juni’s work for distribution among the store’s statewide locations (California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, NewYork, Oregon, Washington, Washington, DC). Photos from the magazine are on their way!
Call to Artists!
seARTS Art Loan @ Bass Rocks 2017
Our Tenth Anniversary!

Deadline for Applications: April 1, 2017

We are very proud to announce that the Art Loan @ Bass Rocks program has hit a milestone… its tenth anniversary year, in 2017!

As an artist-member of seARTS, you have the opportunity to exhibit and sell your artwork in the beautiful setting of the Bass Rocks Golf Club, where over 500 club members plus hundreds of visitors will attend club events, weddings, community group gatherings and functions. Now in its tenth year, this annual display/exhibition has been appreciated by countless viewers, generating sales, commissions and exposing our artist-members to a tremendous group of art enthusiasts. This unique partnership between the arts community and the club, made possible through the efforts of the seARTS team, creates an incredible connection to local arts. All seARTS members are invited to submit recent works, and all work will be juried in by an esteemed panel of judges, hand-picked by the seARTS board.

If your membership may have lapsed, or if you’d like to become a seARTS member, please take this opportunity to renew or to join when you send in your Art Loan @ Bass Rocks application.

Once again, an informative, enjoyable, beautiful opening reception will be held at the club (date TBA) that is free and open to invited guests as well as to the public. These receptions have always been tremendously well-attended, featured a panel of experts speaking on some aspect of making/selling/collecting/caring for art, and offer an opportunity for artists and patrons to meet and mix. This is a wonderful chance for the 20-40 selected participating artists to expose themselves and their work to a local, affluent, art loving crowd.

We hope that you will submit work to be included as part of this very successful program, especially in this milestone anniversary year! To find out more, please visit the seARTS website. For the 2017 application form, click here.

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