• Thanks Al! I still love them and growing up out of the can or even home-made what fun! 🙂 Dave

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  • wierdest fork i ever saw…

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  • It’s a pickle fork–short tines?

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    • No ~ it’s a baked bean fork! Just kidding ;). But what a great idea. Even the placement of the cakes around the edge of the plate. To enjoy that meal you don’t need a knife or spoon ~ just that fork and a hungry famiy. Looking forward to the correct answer 😉

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  • Christine Witham

    No ketchup.

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  • I believe that’s a spork. But what is so wrong is the lack of ketchup.

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  • You can make do with the fork, but there is no tartar sauce. How can you eat fish cakes without tartar sauce?

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  • That is a gripper fork keeps the cakes on! 🙂 Dave

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  • Sorry friends, but the fork is a red herring. These pasteis (or pastels) de bacalhau had been in my freezer for some time, then warmed up in olive oil in a frying pan so they have lost their initial bloom. I’m surprised to not see a comment about that from up on the hill behind Gorton’s. But that’s not the problem, either.

    So here’s the story… I’m having a beer at the bar of the Hudson Portuguese Club with the chef who is treating himself to a plate of bacalhau. He’s from the Azores by way of Providence and his English is a bit limited, although far better than my Brazilian Portuguese. I’m there to collect a big take-out box of pastels to share with a gang of Azorean stoneworkers from New Bedford who are working on a restoration in my neighborhood. I ask the chef about what goes well with pastels. He says potatoes, fava beans, anything. I say how about baked beans? He looks at me funny and says, “Anything, but NOT baked beans.”


  • Statement from Phyllis re: fork….. Who remembers Design Research in Harvard Square? The fork is GENSE “FOCUS” mid-century modern design from Sweden and has been in daily use since 1963.

    Statement on adding ketchup or tartar sauce…. Would you add ginger ale to fine gin?

    Pasteis de bacalhau ought to be on some breakfast menus around town. They can be habit-forming. My friends from New Bedford put a few in their pockets to keep themselves nourished through the day. Better than candy and they taste just fine cold.


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