Pet of the Week- Ruby

3.20.2017 Pet of the Week-- Ruby

Some dogs are just classics, from the moment you look at them you think “that’s one cool dog”.  That’s Ruby. She’s a work in progress if you will. A little rusty in spots but nothing a little TLC won’t fix. This girl is super smart! She knows sit, stay, leave it, and down. She is also crate trained. She’s got a super nose and would do GREAT with “nosework” if that’s your cup of coffee. We did some here with her and she loved it. A true friend Ruby’s favorite place is beside a person, someone who gives her scratches behind the ears or a good rub to her head.

You may be asking yourself what is this rust you mentioned? Ruby LOVES to chase cars and needs serious training on the leash to learn not to chase them (as this can be a very dangerous behavior). Ruby used to try and chase them while she was IN the car as well. She would very intently bark at them, jump to the front and back, side to side of the car. We have worked very hard with Ruby on this and she can now go for car rides and will settle with being tethered and a KONG, or with a barrier raising her head when the car slows with perhaps the occasional bark. Ruby needs a home with adults and teens that are experienced with dogs and are committed to helping her over this one last hurdle.

So if you’re looking for that perfect pal, that oversized lap-dog, one you will enjoy training and working with. A smart pooch who enjoys spending time exercising outdoors, well then stop by and visit Ruby!  To find out more about Ruby and the other available animals at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our website:



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