Random act of Kindness by a Driver and companion from BREAKWATER CONSTRUCTION

Hi Joey, 

I want to publicly thank Breakwater Construction for their random act of kindness last night.

Last night at 6:40 PM I arrived at the West Gloucester Trinitarian Congregational  church to open the church for a Tuesday evening 12 step CoDA  7PM program meeting. It was rain, snow and sleet  outside and the city plows had created a 3 foot wall of ice and snow on the street. The church had not been plowed yet with the several inches  snow and slush.

I decided to park on Essex Ave with my four way flashers and walk in on top of the snow 75 feet or so and see if the snow  shovel was next to the door. It was. I took a scoop of the snow slush 6 inches deep laden with water and the plastic shovel bent and creaked with the weight of the slush. I proceeded back to the street to shovel at least a car width in to allow for those who might have felt compelled to get to the meeting.

I took one partial shovel full of snow and saw a huge bright Red 1 ton pickup truck with a four way bright yellow snow plow blade across Essex St going toward Essex  stop his truck and roll his window down. He said I can cut you a path in and move the barrier ice wall out of the way. I told him I was opening up for a 12 step meeting and I would really appreciate it.

He turned his truck around and cut a path two car width  path into the full length of the parking lot , widened the street opening and left with his passenger.  Just after he had departed a member of the group arrived and we drove in the space he had created and parked to be ten minutes early to open the church for the meeting.

The truck said BREAKWATER CONSTRUCTION on the side. The driver and his passenger were extremely generous of their time, equipment and kind spirit for which I and others were very thankful to be able to hold our Tuesday night CoDA meeting.  This was an act of kindness that is discussed often in church but tonight clearly demonstrated by BREAKWATER CONSTRUCTION. 


One comment

  • Well done and best part is a deed done the foundation is strong that way as I have always said what a crew indeed! 🙂 Dave


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