Four coyotes on the causeway–thank goodness for the immediacy of cell phones, but oh how I wish my camera gear was not in the back seat!



  • When they dart out in front of you like that it can be challenge – I swerved (instinctive) to miss a big red fox who did this to me driving on turners turnpike Oklahoma between Ok city and Tulsa 73-74 timeframe I was pulling a popper van big Ford truck think it was F-series had two seats and pulled quit a payload!

    I won’t swerve next time had a heck of a time controlling the truck due to instinctive pull at the wheel! Phew….:-O Dummy Dave!

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  • Yes it happens–my daughter and I were in a terrible car accident on Rt. 128 because people had stopped for a turtle crossing the road. Very unfortunate incident.


  • On 128? Not good location to stop! Be better to Move over or breakdown lane with flashers if power to on, triangle etc! Sorry to hear this stopping on 128 is not a good idea unless of course and emergency and then do what you can to forewarn others approaching…I always had safety vest in car also habit high visibility to be seen years of training I this area! Dave


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