New book based on a lifetime of guidance: local writer Jane Edwards shares her compelling take on elder care

Congratulations, Jane!

See Joann Mackenzie’s article in the Gloucester Daily Times about Jane Edwards new book  “Caring for Caring: An Enriching, Kindhearted, Ethical Journey with Our Elders”. 


Jane cover


  • Congratulations Jane from your Concord,NH fan club.
    Cam and Joan Borton


  • Well done and a very vital subject thank you for sharing and I will look at the article on GDT linked here !! One thing I learned growing up that way is the respect shown to those who walked ahead of us on the path of life, that we one day will also walk, being there for them means so much walking forward as known in Native traditions! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    “I know how my father saw the world, and his father before him.That’s how I see the world.” 3 —N. Scott Momaday, Kiowa/Cherokee


  • Very powerful book and very meaningful advice during very hard times, a place held in the heart forever cannot be taken only given!! Thanks! 🙂 Dave


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