Gloucester Cinema Update on Seating and Ticketing 

For your information — an update on Gloucester Cinema


            FINALLY, the sample chairs that have been sitting in the Gloucester Cinema lobby for almost a year are where they belong – in the theater ready for you to check them out.

            After months of waiting for the seats to be made, shipped and installed (not to mention theater owner John Williams single handedly removing the old seats) the comfy rockers and the sought-after recliners are in each theater.  Customers who went to see many of the Oscar nominated movies had a heightened experience when they realized they could choose between the standard rocker with plenty of leg room or the recliners located at the front of the theater.

Just in time for the new Beauty and the Beast movie, Gloucester Cinema is not only proudly announcing their upscale seats but also their new ticketing system, which will make your movie going experience a little easier.  Starting Friday, March 17, you can pick a specific seat when you buy your ticket on the website —  From wherever you have internet access to the cinema’s website, online purchasing gives you the flexibility to buy an assigned seat ticket for either the rocker or the recliner.

If you are bringing guests and want to be guaranteed a ticket, it’s not a bad idea to buy your tickets online before coming to the show.  “With the installation of the larger seats and wider aisles, there are not as many seats in the theater to sell as there once was,” stated theater owner John Williams.  “So, it is safe to say that tickets for new popular movies like Beauty and the Beast will sell faster.”     Customer commentary on the cinema’s Face Book page highlights that patrons are thrilled with the switch.  According to John, “They also love that at this point there is no price difference between which type of seat you purchase.”

An online purchase gives you the opportunity to buy a ticket for a preferred seat for the specific show time you want.  If you wait to buy your seat at the theater, the computer will generate an assigned seat based on whatever is still available.

Everyone has been waiting for Beauty and the Beast and the other block buster movies scheduled to be released in 2017.  Check out for a list of all the shows, times, whether the movie is 2D or 3D, pricing and available seating.  As always if you are looking to book a private party feel free to call John at 781-724-5368 for details.

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