Our Little Home By the Sea

Our home is officially for sale.

I’m not sure that making the decision to leave the house that you brought your two young children home to if ever an easy choice….and it certainly hasn’t been for us….but, it seems like it is time.

We love this little slice of paradise and it has been absolutely perfect for us for many years…sadly, we know if would be absolutely perfect for us several years from now as well…but, I’m not sure we can ride the storm for the decade or so in between.  Our boys are getting older…and bigger….and so is their stuff.

Even as I type this post, I remember carrying both boys over the threshold for the very first time and my heart breaks just a little bit.  First smiles, first words, first steps, one split forehead in the front yard and the six stitches that resulted, birthday parties, barbecues, puppies, and saying good-bye to three grown dogs….so much has happened here.  Good news, bad news, smiles, tears, laughs, fears, nerves, hopes, dreams, nightmares, little plans, big plans. Us.

Piles of sand from Old Garden Beach have been rinsed off in the yard and the quiet street has watched the boys grow from strollers, to radio flyers, to little bikes, bigger bikes, roller blades, and even an ATV.

Is it possible to not be ready at all…and to be more ready than ever….all at the same time? Because that is kind of how I feel.  If I stop and think of all of the Christmases, I may have to remove the For Sale sign from the front yard.

So, our precious little house is officially on the market and is even having an Open House tomorrow at 12:00.  If you stop by, check out the threshold to the kitchen that shows how the boys have grown over the years…it is kind of crazy.

If you know of anyone who wants a perfect little home by the beach, in the very best of neighborhoods, with great outdoor living….to begin their own history in….or to downsize and live a simple, happy life…. please share the word.

3 Smith Road, Rockport MA.  12:00 – 1:30.  Go say “hello” to Kim Jylkka Lorden from RE/MAX at the Coast and then spend the afternoon checking out the sweetest little seaside town you have ever seen.


  • Hope you are not moving far

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  • Such a sweet tribute to your little corner of paradise! Good luck with the sale and wishing you all well with the move. Pat D

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  • Both above post’s hit it! I sure hope you stick around GMG and like Donna said above not far best of luck the wisdom and mentorship thank you! It’s always hard to move this song is dedicated to those that have! Moving from MA to west was extremely had but younger children tend to fair better than the adults! To be honest the so many move in my military days great meeting people and new places but after moves state side and internationally I am sort of worn out by movement…:-O Dave 🙂 Kim 🙂

    Was sort of neat traveling across the USA in 1968 in a converted bus that had the buzzards bay route cape woods hole etc in the Marquee turned by handle the company was Bowen Bus Company we bought it from! Had air scoop on back and Air Brakes two tanks on both side not sure if they were 40 Gallon tanks or bigger had toggle switch to change from A & B…:-O Oh 29 cents a Gallon cheaper for the

    Smokie – Living Next Door to Alice (Official Video)

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