• Hi Donna! No disrespect intended here. (I’m an editor in my own mind!). Just an FYI for you (referring to your “Daylight Savings Time” post): “Savings” is what we keep in the bank; we will be changing our clocks for Daylight “Saving'” Time!


  • Thanks for the reminder as I have to do a reset for call back to home front don’t want to walk the sleeping :-O Pretty soon be pieces of April too! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    A classic walk back to 1970’s again 🙂 Dave

    Pieces of April – Three Dog Night


  • Donna, I appreciate you reminding me of this time zone difference as it impacts everyone I call from this location across 3 times zones USA West To East!

    Thanks for asking things have been tough this way on the local front out of my control host nation. Trying to help some public safety folks in my old stomping grounds many years ago not that way but west. Things are really out of control on the crime side of the house public safety. Everyday is something new and very hard for those who hit the street each – It takes the entire community to solve these issues! Kim told me I need chill some – so yes back up a bit hard it was instilled growing up that way look out for others and that what I learned from the GPD officer’s – Rockport Officer’s State Troopers one who lived right next to plum cove beach and other up off high street. The there was Sgt Art Jacobson GPD, the fisherman and lobsterman who taught us hard work and discipline!

    And of course I have never been a fan of the Blame Game I rather use the fix game!

    “No individual raindrop ever considers itself responsible for the flood.” –Anonymous

    Bless you and community Dave:-) & Kim 🙂


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