It’s my GMG-iversary!

I love the “on this day” part of Facebook because you get to walk down memory lane a bit each day.   Today’s “on this day” was my first post as a GMG contributor and although I’m not sure I’ve had a whole lot to contribute over the last year, I know that GMG has contributed a great deal to my life.   It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to meet so many awesome new people!   The one thing I will take away from this last year is the love of my home town and how every day I learn to love this beautiful city even more!!   So Thank YOU GMG readers and fellow contributors for indulging me and always being so kind and supportive!


Sunrise at Long Beach


  • Congrats Bridgette, every day love seeing your photos

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  • Bridgette you have definitely contributed a great deal to GMG. Your photos are wonderful and your narrative very informative. Also, I like your varied interests; you don’t just focus on one thing. Happy Anniversary … and keep contributing..

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  • I love seeing your posts. Thanks so much for doing this over the past year, and congratulations on your milestone. I hope you continue as long as you have the desire to contribute. Come to think of it, I salute all you posters who have enriched my life.

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  • Bridgette, you must know how good you are, thanks so much for sharing. I grew up in Gloucester & now live in the mountains near Asheville NC, both spectacular places of beauty. When I look at your photos, I can smell the sea. Thanks


  • You do great work and thank you for the beautiful photos and memories let’s me and I am sure so many others walk back from so far away and remember the childhood (Simple things) I like how you also add the humor which means a lot on those tough days we all have from time to time! But most important is the life is not a destination but a journey each day!

    Oh yes back down memory lane we all travel! 🙂 Think we all have these memories lanes former boyfriends or girlfriends think mom told me puppy love but real to us 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Minnie Riperton -Back Down Memory Lane (OH what a voice and a great gift) 🙂 Dave

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