Boats lined up all night out there. Brrr 10°. What’s happening?

I saw them on the way home last night, and this morning the same.




Winter I season commercial fishing includes sea scallops. High winds and dropped temperatures bring the boats back.

2012 article Maine sea scallop landings

2013 Boston Globe John Dyer article Scallops giving New Bedford fishermen a welcome break Eastern Fisheries shipping fleet etc out of New Bedford


NOAA Atlantic Sea Scallop regulations 2016 interactive map

Cold out there!! and so complicated !

Exemption. Vessels permitted by the National Marine Fisheries Service to commercially harvest and land Atlantic sea scallops may possess and land more than the state possession and daily landing limits provided: a. The vessel transits directly through the waters under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth for the purpose of landing sea scallops; b. The vessel makes no stops unless otherwise directed by the Massachusetts Environmental Police for the purpose of boarding and inspection; c. The dredge gear is out of the water and properly stowed on board; and d. The vessel, crew, gear and catch is otherwise in compliance with the applicable federal regulations.

Sea Scallop Februry 27 2017 state memo

Ma managed quotas and landings


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