It’s a dog’s life at the beach

The rising temps this weekend had everyone out with their pups enjoying some fresh air.  We took our Gracey for a walk at GHB to get some fresh air and make some new friends!




Our Gracey…are you coming?


This makes me a little sad….glad that you picked up after your dog, but you DO know that this is not appropriate, right??   Carry in, carry out people!!!



  • This past weekend was great for walking at the beaches. So beautiful. And I love dogs. However, some dog owners should be ashamed and fined — I wish. At Good Harbor there are piles of dog poop bags. Great they picked it up but don’t leave it at the beach. Wingarsheek was just as bad and even worse, I kept having to give “poop alerts” for the messes left by people who didn’t even bother to pick up after their doggies.

    Shame shame on people who don’t pick up their dog’s poop and take it away for a proper disposal. You are creating an environmental problem. You are taking away from the beauty of our beaches. And your bad behavior might lead to Gloucester deciding no dogs on the beach anytime. As much as I like to bring my dog to the beach, I am starting to think this might be the best solution.

    Show some respect people.


    • It is sad that we have to rely on someone to give tickets to hold them accountable for picking up after their pets. One bad apple ruins it for the rest. It would be nice if we could keep a bucket at the end of the wooden bridge all year round but I’m sure it wouldn’t last long with the winter storms. Guess all we can do is be good stewards and pick up after the rebels too!

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  • I am so done with the dog owners. They want to run their dogs but not pick up after them. I took a walk on Good Harbor only to step in dog poop and track it into my house. Let the other dog owners pick up after the owners who can’t be bothered. The responsible ones don’t make up for the disgusting disregard of their fellow Dog owners.


    • I’m a dog owner and agree that some ruin it for others, but it’s like blaming all parents for the few kids that are destructive to property. It’s not a perfect world unfortunately. I do remember the days when dogs were allowed to run free and there were flies and poop everywhere you walked…so we have come a long way! 😀


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