More Maserati Dreams…

A while back I wrote a blog post about how funny it was to pull into the rental lot to pick up a car for our road trip to NYC….only to realize that my boys truly thought, for one glorious moment in their young lives, that we were renting a Maserati from the dealership that happened to be right next door.  We were, instead, renting a minivan.  The polar opposite, perhaps, of the Maserati Dream they had just been so rudely slapped awake from.  Sorry, boys.  I laugh again just thinking about it.

So, how funny that a friend of mine now stars in the 2017 Maserati Ghibli commercial that was just released this week.  He’s the driver….and he could convince me to buy a Maserati any day. My boys remind me of the young boy in this commercial….car enthusiasts that they are. Maybe you remember the video of them sprinting from car to car at the New England Auto Show in a state-of-the-art electronics, leather and shiny chrome induced frenzy….in their own need for speed. While they’ve never met Andrea, they think he’s super cool.  His cool status increased exponentially when he purchased a Cape Ann Youth Hockey cash calendar all the way from Italy….so, he’s a good guy too.  Same guy, in fact, that started One Love Unified….a clothing company with quite a mission that, “believes in the power of youthful optimism- random acts of kindness and individual responsibility to change the world. Our philosophy is to contribute to the betterment of humankind, and to co-exist with all living creatures. At our core essence, we believe in showing love for one another, the community, and the environment. OLU is committed to the fulfillment of this vision- a world free from violence, where all living creatures live harmoniously with one another.”

If you ask me, we need more Andreas in the world.

See original post HERE: Maserati Dreams on a Minivan Budget



Finn Sporting a One Love Unified t-shirt


  • I drove a Maserati Ghibli last month in Florida (an in-law let me take it for a tear). I LOVED IT, extremely hot car…

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  • Nice car and nice t-shirt too! That would a very nice journey every together far too much hate indeed and it bother’s me lose sleep at times about it have to keep the “dream catcher closer to bed”! Well said! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

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