Oh Em Gee a Trifecta of Astronomy Tonight!!?

One would think right? If the Washington Post has a headline, “A full moon, lunar eclipse and comet all in one evening? It happens tonight”, you might think holy shit I gotta see this trilogy of spectacularness!

Every science article I read in the lay press I find an overhyped problem, Cancer is Cured!, Neanderthals and apes had sex!, Two blue moons this month never to be seen again!

That’s, fine, gotta get the clicks. But today’s story is utter nonsense and it leaves out the actual interesting part that you should go check out.

  1. It isn’t a trifecta. A full moon and a lunar eclipse happen concurrently every single time. It’s like saying “the full moon will be round at the same time!”
  2. It’s a penumbral lunar eclipse. You won’t see jack at the start when they tell you to look since penumbrals just darken the moon a bit and that won’t be until mid eclipse.
  3. The comet is cool but even with binoculars and you knew exactly where to look I doubt you would see it. Tiny smudge.
  4. Dipshits should have used an Oxford comma. (Yes, once I get picky I go full blown grammar Nazi too. I’m not pointing out the six other typos in the article because I’m too busy with some pointy sticks that I need to light on fire and jab into my eyeballs.

What is cool which happens every single month is a full moon rising in the east over the Rockport Breakwater at sunset. The moon rises at 4:59 PM. If you go to Granite Pier the moon will rise just to the right of the breakwater. The grey line in the picture shows exactly where. Or click on Photographers Ephemeris and make your own map.

And my name isn’t Paul “Buzz Kill” Morrison for nothing.  It’s going to be overcast by then. 🙂
I will be there since the clouds will move in from the west and there is a small chance the moon clears the breakwater in the east before the clouds extinguish the view, but we live in New England, so don’t count on it.

Go out there and pretend to see moonrise in the overcast which is going to drop more snow tomorrow.

Go out there and pretend to see moonrise in the overcast which is going to drop more snow tomorrow.


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