TBT Post Reaches Out

TBT Post responds. 

To be clear Donna and I tried to reach out several times. 

From TBT Post-

Hello and good morning GMG,

TBT Post Gloucester would like to  enlighten you in reference to your Blog. We have always enjoyed a great business relationship with you. Therefore, surprised you did not contact TBT Post to verify the information m the Blog.

Please see the attached Blog below.

Mario and I are heart broken that the TBT Post Store in Gloucester is closed. The blog was like a stab in the heart.

The Blog has a picture of TBT Post Rockport Store “last month” and a picture for “this month” showing the new art gallery located their.

TBT Post Rockport Store closed in a great injustice to us and Cape Ann at the end of September 2016 and not last month.

The communications that TBT Post sent out on January 16, 2017 was 100% true that the store was not closing. What happened after January 16th 2017 was even more of a surprise to us than anyone.

TBT Post Gloucester, Rockport, Salem and Beverly did not closed the joint/s as mentioned.  Instead we lost all of our stores in an injustice put upon us. Not only did we loose the stores we lost every penny the company owned.

I was in Gloucester this past Monday and was immediately surrounded by shop owners and customers asking us to please come back. Thank you to all of them.

As I have always said over and over again from the heart we love you Gloucester!!!

Mario and Richard had a meeting just yesterday discussing how to raise funds to come back. Including discussing other options to come back to Gloucester since we grew so attached to the community, business partners and our customers as well.

TBT Post had a great business plan for Gloucester 2017. We would like to mention a few as follows:

1. A marketing campaign entitled “Eat & Shop Gloucester Main Street.” TBT Post customers would be allowed to come into the store and receive a 10% discount off their entire order by showing a current day receipt from any restaurant and/or food & beverage establishment on Main Street. Once the pilot proved to be effective it would be expanded out to all of Gloucester food & beverage establishment and the new hotel.

2.  TBT Post kicked off Christmas and the New Year 2017 by providing a 25% discount to all business owners and all their employees. This was working and was to be rolled out to Gloucester City Hall in 2nd Quarter 2017.

3. TBT Post had a third business plan as follows:

TBT Post was greatly concerned that Main Street did not have enough retail stores. Mario and Richard were discussing putting together two completely new clothing lines in 2017 that would open two more retail stores on Main Street fall of 2017. Two more additional clothing stores on Main Street would have been great for the community.

Note: The two new store on Main Street would have been open 7 days a week just like TBT Post was.

The reason TBT Post Stores were forced to closed was due to an unscrupulous person from Rockport who decided to swamp our business in legal proceedings to the point that the company had to close in order to regroup.

Rockport store at 8 Dock Square last month-
Rockport Store Dock Square Location today

Thank you

Richard P. Fenk

Mario A. Bravo


“We love you and miss you Gloucester MA!!!! “


  • sorry they are gone… and we did try several times to reach out .. Thanks


  • And your podcast was very complimentary of the store and the products and service they provided. I’m glad they reached out, but I think that it DID seem strange when they suddenly closed. I’m sorry for their difficulties, and hope they can come back, stronger than ever.


  • Communications can always be tricky also happens to all of us humans Including old Dave!! ! Coming full circle here is good – when facing these issues – That’s why the Perry Mason theme! Dave


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