January 16, TBT Post Owner Denys Rumors Of A Store Closing In Statement To GMG.  January 29 The Joint Is Cleaned Out

January 16th statement – 

Taking care of a false rumor

Hello my friends and Gloucester business partners,
I just had another visitor (Fellow Shop Owner of Main Street) who was concerned because they had heard TBT Post was leaving.
That rumor is 100% false.
We love Gloucester and our customers & friends we have made here.
We have expanded our office space in the back of the TBT Post Main Street Store as well.
TB Post has also added a sectional couch in the store for customer convenience, a new service desk and dozens of new tables to enhance the store for our customers. TBT Post is currently shopping for a kids table that will allow children to color in an Alpaca pictures while mom and dad shop. More to come on that shortly once we have the prizes for the kids ready too.
We do continue to have more than one store with the opening of TBT Post Beverly and our MAB Corporate address continues to be 33 Main Street Gloucester as it has been since we opened here 3 years ago this spring.

If you should here this rumor please squash it and thank you.

We love you Gloucester!!!!

VP MAB Corp Richard P. Fenk
TBT Post Stores
33 Main Street
Gloucester Ma 01930

January 29 Photos-

Rockport store at 8 Dock Square last month-

Rockport Store Dock Square Location today-


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