Wicked Pissah” and Friends Look Wicked Cold

Under Wraps!  Wicked Pissah and all of her friends look awfully cold under their winter shrink wrap. I think “Sweet Dreams” may be dreaming of calm seas and warmer days!

How many days until summer?



  • Looks like a beautiful day for a sail! Love the creativity of boat names. My father always wanted a “bigass” boat to name “Jabberwocky” ~ I think I need to read again that book about Alice to find out more about the “Jabberwocky” 😉

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  • Rocking on the shore!

    Very nice and shrink-wrapping for the elements…If I recall had one they used to put up on the landing over by George Morey’s shack lanes cove had to bring in a crane or hoist to get it up. I do remember had a wheel up topside and plank out on the bow…I am pretty sure they waited until high tide as water brought it up higher in the cove and if something happened or came loose would not be as much of a drop as at low tide. It wintered there! 🙂 Dave


    I posted this to this web site back in 2012….

    Dave M55

    NOVEMBER 1, 2012 AT 01:14

    What a hearty bunch and well done brings not only memories back of a simple time but a tear to the eyes of all those lost at sea -This is true – I grew up in Laneville Mass 1958-1968 and the fisherman, lobsterman, clamming, in those days both lanes cove and out of Gloucester what a bunch! I recall the 1960’s George Morey would throw a net right off the break wall from lanes cove, bring in all kinds of fish in those days in a dory…and in winter he would sell Christmas trees brought in on a flatbed Not to mention we pulled in a bunch from the break wall. Look at all the fighting in sea of Japan-China sea over fishing and countries encroaching in other’s territorial waters I will say I love the show and brings back many great memories of the hard work and effort even more so today…By the way we pulled lobster pots by hand then over a pulley…Maybe that’s why I got two blown disks now at 57 ha, ha!

    And Dave Marciano reminds me of somebody I grew up with :-)!!

    God Bless you all guys, gals, and stay strong
    Dave M55


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