“Old Friends” and Tradition

I’m a little bit in love with the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Day Parade.  While watching it yesterday, this commercial came on.  Kind of special.

I’m a huge fan of tradition so this commercial spoke to me.  You’ve heard me say it before (or read me saying it, I guess), but when the boys were super young I decided that I wanted to create traditions that were unique to us and that we would continue year after year. Those fell into place very quickly and continue to be some of our very favorite days each year.

As I type this post it is 6:30 on Thanksgiving evening…you won’t read it until tomorrow (your today)…but now, in this moment, with very full bellies after a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, my boys are snuggled up in their sleeping bags on the living room floor eating (unbelievably) popcorn and drinking hot cocoa while watching the Polar Express. We have, every single year, ended Thanksgiving in this fashion.  Even the couple of times that we found ourselves traveling over the holiday, we still made certain to pack the essentials to continue our tradition.  One year, when spending Thanksgiving at the Steele Hill Resort in New Hampshire, we discovered that the CD case was empty and drove into town in search of a new copy. Luckily we were able to find one.

This commercial is sweet…and sad….and I love it.  I hope that you all had very special Thanksgivings.



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