Rick Moore At Circle Consulting Has GMG HQ  Network Looking Sweet! 

​My boy Rick Moore at Circle Consulting Is The Only Guy To Call For Your Business Networking Needs.  This Custom Networking Panel Built By Him Will Insure The Blog Runs As Efficiently As Possible! Call Rick For Your Business Computing Needs 

One comment

  • Did a great job on this and the layout and easy access to trouble shooting or replacement cables! My 20 years in the Air Force I can tell you I have seen a lot of this both fixed site and deployed and I can say this is a good layout… well done Rick! 🙂 When the system up they all love you when it drops out due to either equipment, power…Need the walk on Magnolia Pier or shoreline after long day 🙂
    My career field was Communications until 1994 then worked Safety and Security side of the field aspirin please!

    When I first came in we did not have computers until later had Z-100 first “Word Star”, and some communications gear I worked with and Combat Communications both 5th CMBTCG (G) = Group and 4th CMBTCS (S) = Squadron on. Yes some dated back to later 1940’s and 1950’s, 1960’s for deployed communication gear TTC-22, SB-86, TTC-30, TRN-26 Torn Tape Relay, DSTE Vans tractor trailer driven, TGC-27 communication van 1980 – 1985.

    Vehicles we used yes and I was qualified on to drive SF46, Willis 151 Jeep 4 X 4, Jeep M715’s, M35/M36, M923, XM813, M54,M1008/9, M1028, M880, M884, M885, Pintle hook Qualified and tow loads, both M-series 2 1/2 ton and 5 ton Deuces…
    Back then fell under AIR FORCE COMMUNICATIONS COMMAND UNITED STATES AIR FORCE SCOTT AFB, ILLINOIS! Some major Changes now and size of briefcase type 

    Oh the memories 🙂 Dave


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