Good Stuff! (and stuffing)

If you follow any of what I write on GMG you’ll know that every once in a while I absolutely can’t not brag about the amazing things happening at the school where I am so blessed to work.

Having taught at Harborlight Montessori for 24 years, I left the classroom last year to join the pretty amazing Administration Team as the Director of Communication.  So, more than ever, I feel like not only is it ok to sneak in a post about Harborlight every now and again…but, I’d be remiss not to.  Just doing my job, friends 😉

So, this is what went down this week.  Lots.  Some FANTASTIC spreading of holiday joy…for such great causes.  The best part about it all…the teamwork!

The end result:

  1. 17 complete Thanksgiving dinners gathered, shopped for, and delivered to Pathways for Children in Beverly.
  2. A nice pile of cash left over to help with a Toy Drive next month
  3. More than 40 pies donated to Beverly Bootstraps
  4. More than 200 pies purchased to help fund the Middle School Class Trip
  5. A Thanksgiving Feast enjoyed by students from grades 1st-8th and faculty + staff thanks to AMAZING parent/grandparent volunteers

The process:

We have a wonderful tradition called Turkey Chores.  The students do chores at home, their parents give them a very small salary (I know, I know. Some of you will say that they should be doing chores around the house without expecting to be paid…but, this is for charity so go with it), the money raised goes towards buying dinners for Pathways for Children.  At the same time, each student brings in one Thanksgiving food item to supplement the dinners.  Each classroom builds a Thanksgiving Meal Basket. Yesterday morning, the Middle School students gathered the Donation Baskets and money from each of the classrooms, boarded our smaller bus, and hit the aisles of Shaw’s in Beverly.  They divided, conquered, and gathered all necessary items to build 17 Thanksgiving dinners….including, of course, turkeys.  Upon checking out, the Manager-on-Duty at Shaw’s gave us 25% off….hence giving the students the extra money for next month’s holiday store/toy drive.

The students loaded the meals onto the bus and went right to Pathways. Once there, they worked hard to unload and deliver all of the items they had purchased.  17 families, who may not have had a decent Thanksgiving meal, will now enjoy one.

Meanwhile, the same Middle School students were working with Jim’s Bagel and Bake Shoppe.  The Middle School students offered the school community the chance to buy pies…with part of the proceeds going to fund their Middle School Spring Trip. The option to buy an extra buy to give to Beverly Bootstraps was also presented.  More than 200 pies were ordered.  So, the amazing employees over at Jim’s might be extra tired. And, 40 extra pies were purchased.  Another local charity benefitted from the students’ hard work…on the very same day.

While both of those activities were going on, a village of parent (and grandparent) volunteers, like a bunch of magical elves, were busy preparing a Thanksgiving meal on campus for close to 90 students and the entire faculty and staff.  Our 18th Annual Upper School Feast went off without a hitch.  Easy for me to say, right?  Wow…did those volunteers work hard…as did the brave teacher who offers to lead the charge each year.

Did I mention that those same insanely busy Middle School students also worked together to bake TONS of their own pies for all to enjoy at the feast?  Did I mention that the younger students peeled and chopped carrots and potatoes…and made lovely place settings? Oh, wait.  Did I mention that some 3rd Grade representatives began the feast by reciting some traditional words of thanks from “Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message”?

What would be the sweetest way to end an already pretty sweet day?  During the late afternoon hours, with 6 extra pies left for sale and looking lonely on the table…. two young boys came along with their mom and purchased them all…to deliver to their neighbors.  Love.

Kudos to the families for their participation and help in pulling all of this off.  Huge Kudos to the students for their hard work and giving spirit.  I am so incredibly proud of them all.


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  • Awesome post! Love our school!

    Liked by 1 person

  • Well said!! Very awesome and I went up on your web site there and what a powerful message and I like the children have a major role here with there future…(Awesome)…I wanted to share this also I read this book when it came out – looking for some direction in my job and just in life in general as a (sponge soaking it up) :-)…(Teaching Virtues Building Character Across the Curriculum). Your web sites message is powerful one indeed and the foundation thanks and happy thanks giving! – Don Trent Jacobs and Jessica Jacobs Spencer

    All about foundation I talk of often! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Dave! I am so glad that you took a moment to visit the school’s website. It’s a pretty special place for sure! I think you are spot on about the importance of a solid foundation! I will check out that book soon! Thanks for the sounds great!


      • Very impressed and as we all know all of this comes from within each person and hence how special it is I felt blessed growing up that way! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

        A little quote here also: Teacher’s have a special place for what they did for me as a young lad and rascal growing up that way.

        “TEACHING POINT: School is a bit like this. It takes educators twelve years, from grade 1 to grade 12, to patiently prepare learners for the next step. Be grateful to your teachers and your school for all the time and effort that they are putting into you during your school years.” – Heart lines quote! 🙂 Dave


  • Just read this to my kids! Amazing. We are all so proud to be part of the great Harborlight community. Thanks for taking the time to write about this!

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    • Thanks, Rhonda! We’re all pretty lucky aren’t we. Harborlight certainly gives me something extra to be thankful for all year long.


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