Dead Coyote On Atlantic Road 3:55AM

What I don’t understand is why it’s laying dead with its head facing inland but on the ocean side of the road.  I’d think if it got hit by a car sprinting toward the water it would be facing the water.  If couldn’t have got hit where it was unless a vehicle went up on the sidewalk. Unless someone/thing moved it out of the middle of the road, but then again, who is gonna pick up a dead coyote?

Maybe it got hit and had just enough energy to limp off to the side of the road but then it would have to turn itself around to face back toward land.  I don’t see any natural predators that would be on Bass Rocks that could kill it and then it limp up off of the rocks and then just make it to the sidewalk where it keeled over and died.  Strange mystery there.


  • Sad. Sometimes, at night, the cars go way too fast on this road!


  • Yeah, maybe it got hit so hard it spun around before it landed?


  • Paul T Morrison & RD

    You didn’t get a blood sample? Just one tiny drop and I can tell how much wolf and how much dog is in that. Recent estimates of the coywolf now inhabiting New England is 60 percent coyote, 30 percent wolf, and 10 percent dog, genomically speaking.

    I’ll drop off some sterile swabs.

    Doug is likely right. To kill an animal that big with a car the coywolf probably spun several times and may have travelled 50 feet.


  • Earlier at 7pm while on a pizza run it was in the road along the curb head facing northbound.


  • Any such thing as old age? I hope she didnt suffer.


  • Linda Hohwieler Carpenter

    Maybe it was poisoned.


  • It may have been projected there by interaction with vehicle – I would suspect whomever hit it could have moved it too! I know If I saw one like this I would move it out of roadway and contact the police as left in roadway can cause accidents for people swerving to miss it or bones may puncture tires? Dave


  • You brought my Thanksgiving down a notch with that photo.
    I like dogs and that coyote is part of the canine family.
    I will need an extra drink to recover emotionally.


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