Highland Foods Maple Pepper With Garlic  and Maple Pepper With Habanero 

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Northeast BBQ

The Habanero On The Arts and The Garlic On The Ribeye.

Going to reverse search the ribeye while the ABTs are on.  I’ll report back my findings.

My Kate gave them both her seal of approval.  In fact she liked it so much she was raving to her dad “The Bipster” about them.

They are both ridiculously good on corn on the cob.

To purchase- https://www.maplepepper.com/

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  • Birdiee Fré (@dailyprandium

    Did you receive them free from the company that makes them? Maybe disclose when you receive complimentary or discounted food, products, or services so your readers know those posts technically are ads.


    • I didn’t. I paid for them. I discovered them about 5 years ago on a road trip with my buddy the Rabbit. We stopped at a roadside place that was selling fire Roasted corn on the cob and they had this as something you could season your corn with. It haunted me tat I didn’t know what it was after we left and I spent hours doing online searches for where I could get it. Finally I found a place that would ship it and I ordered it. It’s been in my pantry for a couple of years. When I was looking to put a rub on the Atomic Buffalo Turds I opened the pantry and thought the Habanero Maple Pepper would be perfect, hence the post. So thanks for the suggestion

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  • You can send this to food to me any day looks great! 🙂 Dave


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