Coming Soon to a Parking Lot Near You

One week from today, unbelievably, the Schrafft family will make our annual day-after-Thanksgiving trip to The Beverly Tree Farm to cut down our Christmas Tree.  For us, it is more than just getting our tree…. it is about the atmosphere, the ambience, the donations that are made to charitable organizations each year…and the tradition.  Getting our tree at “the farm” is all that my boys know and it is always one of their favorite days of the holiday season…and maybe even the entire year.

All that having been said, I am well aware that there are gorgeous trees to be scored here on “the island”…so, I ask you, share where you get your tree.  Do you have a favorite place?  A well kept secret you’d like to share?  A bargain?  A favorite experience?  A place off the beaten path?  Let us know!


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  • Thanks Nicole this is memory lane for sure. Right next to the now Lanesville package store lot between the Pantheon Hall we called it 60’s and George Morey’s house he put the tractor trailer pulled up from up north downloaded the them. It was a site to behold and George would string the lights up and sell them starting in the Am into night! Seeing we lived right across the street then did not have far to go and what a selection!

    Thank you for sharing this walk back to simple times for a simple you lad then older man now who but you got to have the spirit of a kid or was that a rascal to escape to! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    1967 🙂

    Glen Campbell Sings “Gentle on My Mind” w/alternate guitar solo he can pick indeed my fingers are sore watching this 🙂 Classic!


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