• Cute idea. Love cookies 🙂
    Fun day all around– you could fit a whole lot in: Dec 10th is also Middle Street Walk in Gloucester from 9:30-4:30 (until tree lighting at Kent Circle), and Holiday Delights at Gloucester Stage 2pm (or Sunday 2pm), and a whole bunch of other stuff. Hard living in a place with nothing going on


  • Catherin and Donna excellent post and busy time of year indeed! Catherine I did ask my mom about the Bayview Fire department picture with tracks you posted she went to school in that old school house too! This is what she told me in phone conversation you may use as you wish!

    Mom went to Bradstreet school north of the Bayview Fire station on Washington and Kilby Street. The first floor of classroom held 1st – 3rd grade students all in the same room about 30 students total.

    2nd floor classroom held grades 4-6 all in the same classroom.
    Mr Padroity (sp)? Took care of the facility and school maintenance in those days it meant keeping the wood stove going which I believe used kindling wood to start fire then coal was used.

    Even in old Lanes School now a park that I went to in early 1961 to 1962, 1963, up on Washington Street Lanesville close to Butman Ave used a coal feed boiler. There was a coal shoot that the Harvey’s coal and oil truck would shoot coal down into a box basement of school. In turn the boiler was feed by shovel by maintenance/janitorial staff that shoveled it in and keep the steam pressure up (I know I helped him one day just for the fun of it).

    There were gauges that had water temperature and pressure gauges. That heated the water pipes that feed and ran to the radiators in each class room. I do believe it was swapped over to oil boiler but I could be wrong, may have stayed as coal feed it was, long ago but I seem to recall both coal and oil delivery?

    Happy Thanksgiving day to all GMG 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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