• I’d eat that blue lobster with some fava beans and a nice chianti


  • Paul T Morrison & RD

    “Cute” and lobster don’t really go together but that has to be the cutest lobster I have ever seen. This is the direct result of GMG making a big deal out of blue lobsters so that they are caught and then released in Gloucester Coves. I fully expect the blue lobster to be a frequent catch in and around Folly Cove in a decade or so.

    Which is cool. We can use it to explain Darwinian evolution and natural selection. The blue lobster gene is recessive and rare. 75 million to 1, until recently. There is no downside to being blue but no upside either. Evolutionarily neutral. But Gloucester fisherman are selecting for the blue trait and concentrating them here.

    Once they get even more frequent we should market them at a higher price. Eat a Gloucester Blue Lobster! The new superfood!

    nb. Gloucester Marine Genetics Institute recently sequenced the full genome of the lobster. Just a tiny snip (a tail notch would do) of one of these blue lobsters and we can now easily sequence the specific mutation by comparing to wild type. Bring me a tiny blue bit (size of a pencil eraser will do) and I’ll sequence it.


  • Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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