When should the Holiday music start?


Ok, so the age old question “when do you start  listening to Holiday music?” (Do you like how PC I am right now?)

I know lots of people have the rule of thumb not putting up the tree until day after Thanksgiving but his music really in that same category?

I think today may be the day for me!


  • I like to wait until Dec. 1. But, if tempted, I might switch it on AFTER Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas! Pat D

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  • It’s bad enough listening to all that insipid tripe for the whole month of December. No Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Bah, humbug!

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  • There is a funny X-mas song called The 12 DAZE of Christmas by a woman lounge singer in Las Vegas in the 60’s.
    Her name was Faye something. She gets progressively drunker thru the song. Hysterical!


  • After Thanksgiving!


  • Definitely after Thanksgiving! “Insipid tripe!” C’mon, Greg, that’s an insult to all tripe lovers.


  • I’m with Pat on the start date of 1 December…start the month off leading into Christmas day. I have the seasonal CD’s set all together for easy find the classics and yes those time life special editions…(Yes I am breaking the 1 December rule for the animals cute after the year filled with politics and battles I needed this sorry 🙂 Dave

    Elvis Presley – If I get Home on Christmas Day


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