colorful bags of … POOP

How visitors were greeted when visiting Good Harbor Beach Sunday afternoon.bags-of-poop-left-at-beach-copyright-kim-smith

Hello! and does this strike anyone else as gross?bags-of-poop-left-at-beach-2-copyright-kim-smith

Carry In, Carry Out. Please respect our beautiful beaches. Thank you. 🙂


  • I know many people love their pets beyond belief, care for them, dote on them and take such pride in all their activities and antics. Great I say, more power to them and their pets–I can understand that, but I do not understand how some of the same few (and we realize it’s not all) dog owners/lovers do not have the same respect and care/concern for human beings–enough to not leave their animals’ excrement on sidewalks (as I see frequently in Rockport) or in bags for others to deal with as is described above. Unacceptable, but seemingly not likely to change anytime soon. Sad commentary on the vast disconnect between their love for their dear pets vs this “too bad, deal with it!” attitude toward us–mere humans.

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  • It’s those people that are going to ruin the beaches for the rest of us. GRRRRRRR!!! How can they not realize that???

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  • I put the poop bag under the windshield wiper until I get to a trash barrel.
    Don’t want to stink up the car.

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  • I moved to Gloucester a few months ago and have really enjoyed that I can take my dog to the beach throughout the week. I hate seeing this *crap* because the last thing I want is for the city and other residents to consider not allowing dogs. The majority of us take our bags with us. However, as easy as that is I still find it strange that a public beach doesn’t have a single trash bin at its access point.

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  • Ban dogs from beaches, enforce the ban, levy BIG fines. The dog owners have earned it.

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  • that is friggin disgusting,big time slobs

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  • friggin disgusting,total slobs,we should go put it on their door steps

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  • Maybe this may help? Yes take out what you take in! Dave

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  • One point in defense of dog owners. This does prove people are picking up after their dogs now. And they are putting it in the one place where there was a barrel until very recently. A lot of people are working very hard on addressing this problem. Yes, there is a carry in cary out policy, and many of dog owners carry out more poop than our own dogs bring in. We alos carry our other beach litter while we are at it. The beaches where dogs are allowed off leash are much cleaner than those that aren’t. Go look for yourselves.

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  • The city provided barrels for dog owners last year, but refuse this year. Possibly intentionally setting dog owners up to fail in order to stop any further progress on the beach leash law battles.

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  • I spend many hours walking GHB and many other Gloucester beaches, the problem is everywhere. I notice dogs off leash with owners conveniently looking the other way. The dog runs up to the white sand to do it’s business and the owner continues to walk not noticing. These dogs off leash are supposed to be under voice control but this is rarely the case. Owners bark commands that go completely ignored by their dogs. Put them on a leash and it may help.

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  • This photo, in fact, proves that people are picking up more than in past years! Until this fall, the city has always provided barrels at the beach exits. In all the surrounding towns, there are receptacles. In Manchester, they leave a big dumpster with small poop bag sized holes. People use it!!!

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  • I think part of the solution would be to make the Carry In Carry Out Signs bolder and more prominent. I don’t think we want a large dumpster, that would be very unattractive there at the footbridge (and did you know Manchester charges its residents $5.00 just to walk on the beach). If we had a barrel there, it would probably overflow in no time.

    When folks see one bag of trash there, they probably think it’s acceptable, so they leave their trash there, and so on and so on. Beach ambassadors during the summer and on weekends in the off season stationed at entry points on the beach to help educate folks would be worth trying.


  • Well said Kim – I love all animals and especially dogs…When I was growing up there 1950’s – 1960’s was not much in the way of rules and laws of course all of that has changed Pro & Con! Over here they removed barrels and trash receptacles even in the mountains and trash get’s thrown all the time I have picked up a bunch.

    Most places make folks smoke outside but have no place for cigs so they too get thrown on the street. Speaking only for this way the older generation in the parks tend to pick up after everyone else…I guess what bothers me is I live next to park people throw stuff everywhere and it’s a children’s park where children play and elderly folks sit on the park benches and pagoda shoot the breeze and just have fun with friends. The designated trash pick-up spot is not more than 1 minute away from any area in the park it’s a barn like holding area…So no excused for this…Consideration of others always a two way street…

    It does boil down to foundation I know if I threw anything as a young lad – mom would check me on the spot. Is that where it goes? No! Then pick it up and put in where it does. It’s good the objectivity from all sides! Dave


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