Searching for artist! Byron Brooks?

This jumbo bloom still-life with small flamingo reminded me that it’s the season for forcing indoor bulbs. More than that I do not know. Owners of the painting want to track down information and work by the artist. Their daughter reached out to her friend, Katelyn Foley. Here’s what we do know:

Yes, (Bryon Brooks) had a gallery in his house where he sold paintings. We have one of the first ones he did dated ’61. He was married. Not sure about kids. Not exactly sure how he was related to Grammy, she called him a cousin. Maybe there’s a Lundberg or Bergman connection. I remember watching him paint at the ocean and most of his were seascapes.”

Hmmm. You’d think tracking down an artist with such a name would be easy. Maybe not a known artist, as in Byron Brown. Still. ‘Byron Brooks’. Brooks- that’s a common name in this Cape Ann neck of the woods; several leads can be followed. Alfred Mansfield Brooks! David Brooks! Brooks in Essex. Brooks in Ipswich. Ditto Lundberg. And Berman. Byron? Not so much, and often supplanted with that wrench in research, the nickname.

Cursory searches pull up speculation only. The name doesn’t appear in artist association memberships. “Byron L and Gladys Brooks” are listed residing at 12 Millett in 1942; retired at 2 Davis Street in 1971. Those dates may not gel with the year 1961, described as ‘early’ for the artist’s works–unless creating art was a later pursuit, or hobby. Perhaps he advertised in local papers.

Dear readers, do you know more about the man, his art, his gallery? Please share.



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