Today’s headline had me at hello: Congratulations Curtis Dagley!

Krakow’s Gothic masterpiece- the Veit Stoss altar (ca.1480)!

Great article by Andrea Holbrook: Poland to Honor Fisherman for Saving Treasure

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland will present Curtis Dagley with a Bene Merito Medal, Thursday, October 27 at 2PM in City Hall. “Mr Dagley is honored for his participation in returning to Poland cultural treasures robbed by Germans during WWII; and also in recognition of the imprisonment he suffered at the hands of the Communist authorities of Poland.”



One comment

  • Made the times – I read it even as a child then a wee bit later10-11 Years old – delivered it from Kenny’s store by tucker street in Lanesville drop off point to lanes cove up Langsford street, swing back down Washington street on return… Folley cove and then back to plum court by plum cove beach, Rowley shore up toward days woods, sure was nice we I got my bike before that walked it after school! A thin dime then 60’s If I remember correctly close 100 papers maybe a wee bit more… 🙂 Dave


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