Flowers on a first date


Who doesn’t love flowers? I mean really.

Are the good ole days of men bringing flowers on a first date gone?

When did this stop? or better yet did it stop?


This cute article gives some great insight


Reading the articles we have now talk about flowers as being desperate or needy.


Do you think flowers as being as act of kindness or neediness?

Can’t wait to hear what ya’ll think!




  • Depends on the flowers and the context … A small mixed bouquet of wild flowers on a first date would be super sweet in my book. A dozen red roses on a first date, or until/unless the relationship has really taken off, would definitely come off as desperate, clingy, and would likely be a big turnoff. Actually, I know it’s a turn off; it’s happened before a couple or few times. The flowers went in the trash, compost, were regifted to a friend who loved roses. Spray roses in orange or yellow would be an exception — they don’t ooze lust and passion, just sweetness.


  • Flowers in Jr. High prom with my date 1969!…She had a very nice white dress had a great time! The party that followed in a mountain location beautiful view chaperoned and one was the teacher!! :-O 🙂 Dave

    I say this one is good: “Where flowers bloom so does hope.” ― Lady Bird Johnson

    The Cowsills – The Rain the Park & Other Things


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