Tea lovers beware!


So every morning a go to Dunkin Donuts and get an XL Tea.   I know that I should save the money and the environment by making my own tea at work, but it saves me from having to worry about having skim milk at work and it is a “luxury” I give myself.   TODAY….I walked into DD to get my XL tea and the lovely young lady behind the counter explains that they no longer sell XL tea.   You can only get a large and it comes in the Latte cup.   So looking around at the Coffee lovers getting their XL Coffee in their XL cups I say to her…so you still have the cups for and XL Coffee…why can’t you just give me an XL tea in that cup?   Her only answer was that they don’t sell tea in those cups anymore.   I get to work and my co-worker is enjoying her XL 24 oz coffee and I am feeling a little jealous lol!   You would think they would want my extra 50 cents every day for my extra 4oz of water….so thanks DD.   You will save me about $20 a week and save the environment 7 XL cups a week cause I’ll be switching to a nice big 24oz contigo mug and bringing my own skim milk to work!


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