Phyllis A Marine Assoc Fall Art Show & Sale @ Marine Railways

In case you missed the one day art show for the Phyllis A Marine Assoc good cause, here’s a link to their current  fundraising campaign. The photographs indicate some of the participating artists–look for their work!


more than one hour at a time and always smiling


  • Thank you Catherine for coming.. it was a lot of fun

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    • Catherine – I took second what Donna said above! thank you for all the pictures also did notice them under your name until clicking on each sorry can I claim a senior moment? Thanks 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


      • Hi Dave, not at all. I was concerned about Donna’s knee, too. Happy you wrote a note to her (sorry about your knee). Thank you for all your comments!


  • It was by far the best event ever! Big thank you Donna for letting me be in this and Catherine for taking great photos. Wish I could have seen you there. I’m thinking the boys must have enjoyed it if they were with you.

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    • and you both sold! Thanks, Pauline. The boys did not see the exhibit. It was really good and my visit timed with music, too. Gloria and the others do a great job


  • Great job to you all! It appears you are wrapped up left leg sorry to see that! Keep walking however to keep it limber and don’t stiffen up! Wishing you a speedy full recovery and still out doing it, typical fighter spirit there Donna Somerville style 🙂 !! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    I took a bad spill this way in fall Oct 2014/ 11/08…Looking at a beautiful color of a Ginko Tree and the pavement toward edge of road was washed up and just collapsed :-O Big time Leg swollen up big time no broken bones but they wanted me to spend I night in Hospital I declined the offer that took about 4 weeks to come back around….

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