• Yes..we saw him trotting along the beach here up and around the bend. Like he owned the place. Glad you had your camera handy to prove what we saw!!

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  • He was a healthy one! 😀


  • Hmm. That’s getting a bit tricky. The problem is, around there there are so many places one of these could get accidentally cornered, and feel threatened and attack someone. Not good. They should start darting these things and shipping them to Western MA where there’s less dense housing populations.

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  • She or He wanted to be buy some good stuff and support the Phyllis A… Thank you Bridgette

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  • Very keen eye again Bridgette there are lessons presented everyday!! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Very healthy judging by coat -speaking from a western state living on land surrounded by a national forest oh the lessons of wildlife some fun some downright scary! My perspective they started moving into urban areas due to the droughts and the fact the humans moved outside into what used to be their turf country side and food you are going to go where it’s abundant…They have migrated a bunch and very adaptable…Survivors!

    Resource take as FYI Only!


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    • They seem to be getting bolder around here. Although I tried to get out of my car and he ran so he was afraid of me.


      • Yes they are and as long as they are afraid that is a very good sign mutual respect…Now a mountain lion can stalk you for a long time and you may never know it until they decide to act…Bears with cubs are another to avoid…Most snakes like a rattlesnake even as intimidating as they look bites are rare (unless 1…Messing around with them, 2. Step on one. 3.Do not heed warning. 4. Do not reach into areas you cannot see into . 5. Rarely out when real hot as coldblooded and hard to regulate heat slower when cooler also. Mating time and shedding time get more testy…and if in the process of swallowing their dinner may regurgitate it of b-line away Always give them space do not corner them…

        And many native cultures they are scared and they will not kill them for that reason relocate yes..Exception would be if out and about starving then they will prey first for the meal offered…after Kill pray again…anything not eaten is buried and they pray for it’s spirit like the head portion poison sacks…

        Thanks! 🙂 Dave

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