Glorious autumn color–everywhere you turn, Cape Ann foliage is beginning to peak! Snapshots from a walk along Lobster Cove this morning.

great-blue-heron-lobster-cove-copyright-kim-smithGreat Blue Heron feeding in the flatsfall-foliage-maple-leaves-2-copyright-kim-smith

Brilliantly colored maple leaves, although looking a bit dog-eared from Winter Moth damagefall-foliage-maple-leaves-copyright-kim-smith



  • Beautiful what a place to veg out and walk their is a special inner peace that comes with the beauty and wildlife that surrounds you this time of year…That is why the artist are out and about – and the artist who made it for us all thank you! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Us rascals from years past used to walk these shore lines – in the 60’s from lanes cove North to Halibut Point and going toward town even able to go by Ames Estate. I have heard from some folks that there are some location now with fence lines extending into the rocks?

    I know when we did see folks lounge chairs, wooden deck chairs, hammocks, close to the rocks, back yards etc, we asked if was ok to pass through some expressed concerns as we were 8-12 years old and were concerned. So the next question was does your mom or dad know you are this far from Lanesville the truth was NO. Some let us go by some told us they rather not either way we respected their wishes found another route like water finds it’s way around an obstacle. Of course a lot of the laws and ordinances have changed since 50’s – 60’s too!

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  • Thank you for sharing that story Dave 🙂


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