Well you can cross the classic @webergrills Redhead off the must have list

Northeast BBQ

Thanks Km Smith For Picking It Up a For Me.

It’s a 1992 O Code.

Picked up an oscillating tool to lop off what’s left of the one touch system in the bottom. There’s one of the wooden handles missing. The legs will clean up fine I’m thinking.

A few chips on the bowl.

She’ll be a cooker for sure. Probably spring for a new ash pan, ash sweeps and sand and spar varnish the handles that are on there. That’s the plan for now. I’m super anxious to see how much of the original color I can get back. She’s faded some but I’m thinking with some love and care it’s going to be gorgeous.

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  • Its going to be a beauty for sure!!


  • An oldie but goodie built to last! 🙂 Dave


  • I’d rather collect beach sand from around the World.
    OR tractor seats. Or Frisbees. lol


  • I’ve been following this Weber-obsession with wonderment. This red jobber just triggered an awesome memory. We had that kettle grill in the late 70’s, it was a cool canary yellow. You could tell when it was hot enough to cook when the color shifted to pumpkin orange, it was wildly cool and completely unintentional feature. Also, when shot with a BB gun, the enamel fragmented in perfectly round, quarter-sized spider web patterns. I realize now I shouldn’t have shot it, but I was very young, and though it pissed my dad off, it didn’t effect it’s function. I realize now also, that my vintage Honda CB900 is the same color as that grill. No wonder it was love at first sight.


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