poison-ivy-vine-in-fall-toxicodendron-radicans-copyright-kim-smithPoison Ivy Run Amok

Oh how pretty! Doesn’t this bucolic scene look interesting? I had to stop and take a photo. And then began to walk toward, wanting a closer look, before catching myself. If poison ivy even looks at me, or I look at it, that most unpleasant of itchy rashes finds a home on my person.

Poison ivy is in full glorious color right now, dissipating in shades of golden yellow, tangerine, and crimson scarlet. The oils found in the foliage and stems are just as potent at this time of year as they are during the summer months.

poison-ivy-in-autumn-toxicodendron-radicans-copyright-kim-smithLeaves of three, let it be, 

Berries white, run in fright,

Red hairy vine, no friend of mine!

Cape Ann shores and meadows are rife with poison ivy and the best defense is to recognize the leaves and wear protective clothing. Not a plant one desires for the home garden, it is an important bee and bird food. The flowers provide nectar for pollinators in the spring and the small white berries are a winter staple for our some of our most beloved songbirds, including American Robins, Northern Cardinals, and Mockingbirds.


  • Been a long time since I heard that saying 🙂 Dave… I know mom would tell us to stay out of the ivy and sumac but you know us rascals in one ear out the other, I mean after all that’s why they gave us two right? Recovery of baseball the field games :-O We took on a different name after that Calamine lotion kids! 🙂 Dave

    “You can look, but you better not touch.!!:-)

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  • I believe I recognize that building…. it’s on the way to Crane’s Beach and back in the 50’s used to be McLeod’s (as I recall!), cider house?? … In the late 50’s when we’d visit my uncle who owned the Apple Street Farm in Essex, my Dad used to take me there for cider and apples…glad it’s still standing!!

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  • Excellent reply Jim! 🙂 Dave

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