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  • Lobsta make the world go round! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    The Dubliners – Song for Ireland

    Partial from the link above source older 2010 article:

    On price, Maine and Nova Scotia are again comparable, with Maine averaging $2.90 per pound for soft-shell lobster and $5 per pound for hard, and Nova Scotia last year averaging $4.83 per pound.

    Ireland ups the ante a bit, with fishermen getting $8.99 per pound.

    For the Pacific nations, it’s again quite a different story. New Zealand averages $28 per pound, Tasmania $19.85 per pound, and western Australia $11.50 per pound.

    Maine, New Zealand, and Ireland can fish year-round. Prince Edward Island has only two months to fish, May and June. Australia, Tasmania and Nova Scotia are restricted from fishing in the summer.

    Maine has by far the largest number of license-holders, 6,260. This compares with Ireland’s 1,588, Prince Edward Island’s 1,300, Nova Scotia’s 987, Western Australia’s 800, Tasmania’s 319, and New Zealand’s 257.


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