• Is this house on the corner of Mt. Pleasant Ave. and Gerring Rd? I believe it is the house I lived in as a child, in the late 1950’s. It was haunted. But I loved the house. And loved the the mulberries from the mulberry tree on the right! My hands and mouth would be stained purple for days at a time!

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  • Beautiful house typical New England split rail fence line and ggirlforevah hit it on the…berries and people always told us kids houses were haunted to keep us out of them go in one on windy day or by yourself and your imagination would run wild for sure! 🙂 Dave

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    • Hi Dave, I know some stories like that


      • Yes and I know in Lanesville some got fixed up and spirits having flow! Grave yards walking through also of course on the pathway and I remember one Halloween someone hid by the dirt road that when to Duley street shortcut from by Harveys coal and oil then thankfully had my PF Flyers on didn’t stop running until got close to George Morey’s shack as we were going up toward LangsFord street Andrews corner by Higgins Hill go toward Folly cove! 🙂 Dave Thanks!


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