Maybe Not Quite as Cool as Those Kansas Kids….AGAIN

Forgive me for reposting…but I had video difficulty yesterday and how else can I prove to Joey that I’m not one of those super overprotective, suck all the fun out of life parents that he likes to talk about.  Not to say that a little roundy round trip on the Go Kart track will actually prove that…but, you know.

Back in podcast #199 we were joined by a great couple from Kansas who owns a large corn and soybean farm.  I was intrigued by the farming for sure, but even more so (if I’m to be honest) by the life style.  Having kids in their 20s, I wanted to know a bit what day to day life was like when (if ever) they weren’t busy farming their land.  We got to chat a lot “off microphone” as well.

At one point they mentioned that their sons liked to “race.” Curious, I revisited the conversation to learn exactly what kind of racing they do.  While I might not have the official term down…I know it involved fast little cars and a figure 8 dirt track.  It further called to attention the differences between raising children in different places in our country.  Right or wrong, for better or worse….we may be much more cautious with our children than other locals in our very own country (not to mention other places in this big wide world).

But, Joey, look.  I let my boys race too.  And….the horror, no helmets!

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