• That is great, Dave will be happy to see this photo


  • I’m smiling ~ very cool surprise!


  • Joey, Thank You and other’s I know you are extremely busy this time of year and I will call you in future to say this in a more personal way!!! He met homie too here also!! 🙂 Second time but more personal1

    Very happy to see he made this a very dear older brother I have known for many moons! You should see his shop over here he has more letter of appreciation from USFK General (Good Neighbor Program), and all he has done for supporting Military forces serving this way. Honorary commander, Honorary First Sergeant. and my brother! 🙂

    Every place you go in this world of ours you have a legend a man known for his kindness and supporting the US Service Members abroad and the Untied States of America. It my honor to have him as a dear friend and even more of an honor to call him my older brother seeing I lost my biological one in 2010.

    He did send me an email of his visit and why I always talk about foundation! He said he could not find Lanesville on (GPS) but did find Capt Joe’s Lobster. He loved his lobsters and got to take pictures of Lanesville and lanes cove thanks to Joey’s directions…I must have gave him the wrong street address but he found it easily when I told him directly across from Lanesville package store. It was not actually our house but rented from the Mr. Palmer on the hill heading to Lanesville quite a history to that house and those who moved in after we left did a great job at fixing it up.

    From what I have seen there are a bunch of houses in Lanesville that got refurbished and fixed up lots of businesses have closed too. Can you Imagine 3 stores then 60’s and one liquor store Between Harvey’s oil company road first one on right going toward through town was Kit’s Liquor Store, then across the street Fred Sarris home of the wooden seagulls he carved, then the biggest store Kenny’s by Tucker street, where they threw the Gloucester Daily times I delivered a dime then 60’s , then going up toward Andrews corner with the stone wall was McPhersons…

    Thank you for taking care of my Friend Joey and all those he meet I see him upon return and share the memories of his 3 months Vacation he got out the het and humidity this way…

    Thank you and bless you all! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Fernando Ortega Traveler


  • Thank you Dave Moore my younger brother in South Korea !!!!!!


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