• I can say there a bunch of females serving today and have gave their lives serving there country! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂 One of my former commanders 1994 went on to be a well respected General. I remember when I arrived from South Korea for me and others she went way above and beyond to make all of us feel welcomed from day one and that her squadron members were family what a foundation!
    🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    P.S. Taught me a lot of lessons on leadership and taking care of your folks and mission the foundation for her was the team! I carry these today and share like she did for those who may follow! The Squadron was only 2 years activated when I arrived in 1994.

    A little about the squadron here public the only difference is it was Falcon AFB when I arrived name changed later to Schriever!


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  • When you put men and women together what we “should” expect is that men are able to behave like human beings and control themselves (or is Trump saying that is not possible) and women should expect to be safe. There should be reciprocal respect among all members of the organization for the job they are doing and supported by higher ups without cover-ups. Part of the problem has been exactly what Trump suggests: If we don’t expect any better, we won’t get it–the old “boys will be boys” myth that self-fulfills. It is not fair to the millions of men who know what is right and can work and live with women in a professional relationships.


  • Women in military service, all for it. But combat service, no way. Just because it’s PC (and FEELS good) to support this, doesn’t make it right.


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