The Third Banded Seagull Sighting at Captain Joe and Sons


Here’s some pictures of today’s banded seagull and ones form year’s past-

Today’s Banded Seagull With Band ID “9EM” Sighted at 1:15PM at Captain Joe and Sons Lobster East Gloucester MA-


After some research and a call out for help we discovered that the banding was done by Dr Julie Ellis

You can check out her blog here which details some of the gull sightings and why they band them.

The Gulls Of Appledore

Sightings of gulls banded in Maine by Dr. Julie Ellis

Banding and Tagging
Initial trapping was conducted throughout January, February, and March 2008, utilizing three methods: a walk-in nest trap, Steele’s net, and rocket net. All methods successfully captured the targeted species, although the rocket net and Steele’s net were much more effective and efficient. Starting in the fall of 2008, a net launcher and net gun were exclusively utilized for trapping.

Following capture, all birds are fitted with an aluminum federal leg band. A uniquely numbered colored leg band is placed on the opposite leg of all birds [Picture 1]. Finally, on most birds, a colored, uniquely numbered wing-tag is attached to each wing. These wing-tags make long-distance identification possible, particularly when it is difficult to see or read the leg bands [Pictures 2-4]. Wing-tags are color-coded based on the capture site’s proximity to either Wachusett or Quabbin Reservoir [Picture 5].


You can also read more about Dr Julie Ellis at the SEANET Blog


The latest news from the Seabird Ecological Assessment Network (SEANET)

Here is a link to the first post in which I caught a baby black backed gull with another band-

Anyone Know Of A Seagull Banding Program? This Seagull Had a Band On Its Leg Reading OK9

Here is that first banded seagull marked OK9-


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