Alicia Unleashed- Everybody’s working for the weekend



Alicia Unleashed Episode 39 taped with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox


Enjoy for your ride home! This is an 80’s song battle. You’ve been warned!



  • Be careful when drinking the truth serum! :-O

    “(The 80’s well done)”…and staying put is a very good idea! Dave & Kim


    • Truth Serum! Hahaha no vodka was involved! But seriously, wI think all the hype who really lost? NO ONE! Because the 80s was awesome, although Alicia did pull a foul with Rick Astley.


  • Lo’t of great memories you both were playing yes 80’s was a great decade of music! I’ll admit I am an old fart but love music from all generations and I did notice you both were playing the (boyfriend -girlfriend) ones that always evoke a memory from the heart and tears to eyes too! Think we all had those crushes one of life’s adventures. Where would we be without good music and friends there are never losers in the music only memories of times when the song came out even an old fart like me?? 🙂

    When you said a-ha cartoon yes remember that one right away…

    Hall and Oates – Sara Smile (with lyrics)



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