• Now this is one of those chairs that are hard to miss and for good reason! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


    This is what me and mom talked about before I called:

    During a call to mom (85 Years Young now and then lived on both Washington Street BayView), we were talking about the Annisquam Coast Guard Station before the big fire. She said when it was active during WWII had two man patrols both day and night, that would walk the shore line rocks from Annisquam to Halibut point with Binoculars looking for U-boats and any type landing crafts check them out including rafts.

    She also remembered there were some placements along the coast lines respond to during drills and far enough back from rocks shore as to not be affected by tides or bad weather. She remembered one mans named Mugsy as they would stop in her mom’s house for coffee and pie her mother made.

    This was in the era of ration coupons and she said Mugsy brought her mother some sugar from his dads store as they loved the pies and doughnuts made which required sugar. Entire Cape Ann was very supportive of Coast Guard, Navy, and military services always have been. Many served in the military as well themselves.

    She mentioned her older brother’s Richard McNeil was a snowplow operator in winter city hey he waved to us when he went by 🙂 and Lefty McNeil, along with Red McNeil would to a flat spot by Foley Cove pasture where they held dances. And another surprising one what the locals called Halibut Point (Haul about Point) said fast sounds like (Halibut), reason for name don’t know?


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