Awesome Gloucester Video

Here’s a link to a video John Cooney made about Awesome Gloucester, an organization that has quietly raised nearly $40,000 and distributed it to the community in various ways over the last three years. The twenty trustees each chip in $50 a month, review and vote for their favorites out of the 10 to 15 proposals we receive every month, and then hold a public Pitch Night to decide among the top three. The best idea gets $1,000 in cash. It’s very simple to make a proposal, fun to attend Pitch Night (3rd Mondays at Gloucester House (Thanks, Lenny)), and sometimes we are looking for new trustees. Even more info at our website.



  • Excellent how to feel good from inside for sure…In the 60’s there was a man who brought around a little salvation army item can’t totally remember the design but you kept it in the house until close to Christmas and he came around and picked them up from entire Cape Ann Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarter’s, Kennedy Half-dollar which was 90% silver…Plus of course the traditional bell ringer and pot down on main street all decorated for Christmas thought you were in Bedford falls you know the classic 1946 movie it’s a wonderful life even to this day 🙂 Dave

    And then I believe the grand total was published in the Gloucester daily times just made you feel good to give…taught us kids a great lessons on sharing too even when we didn’t have much!

    Thanks for sharing what a gift community wide! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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