• Donna, thanks for the post. Like you and many others, when I go past the gallery (and it will always be “the gallery”)I want stop by and shoot the breeze with Fred.
    How dearly he is missed.

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  • He was really the soul of downtown. I miss him and his wonderful collection. RIP.


  • Yes ~ my grand daughter still has her “in Cod we trust” shirt and I look out my front window, every day, noticing my purchase of a small glass globe containing some Gloucester Beach sand. Certainly gives you pause to wonder ~ I went by “his” shop a couple of weeks ago ~ but did not go in. Your both were such good friends to Fred ~I’m sorry for your loss.


  • Thanks Donna your are 100 correct still have his email too forever!! Dave & Kim

    He has never left us he lives on inside of each of us he touched and that will can never be taken only given! Fred smiling on all of us from above and sprit blows in the wind of outside the star’s shining!

    “The morning glory blooms but for an hour and yet it differs not at heart from the giant pine that lives for a thousand years”
    — Teitoku Matsunaga, Japanese Poet

    The Fleetwoods – Tragedy


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